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A lot of people have been waiting for this film.  On 16 May the 10th Planete+ Doc Film Festival will see the première of the film "Joanna" by Aneta Kopacz.  The film will compete for the Magic Hour award.  At special screenings during the festival, Wajda Studio will also present its two other films: "Losing Sonia" by Radka Franczak and "My House Without Me" by Magdalena Szymków. 

Première of "Joanna"

16 May will see the première of the documentary film by Aneta Kopacz " Joanna ". This is the story of Joanna Sałyga, author of the popular blog "Chustka", who, in April 2010, became aware that she would die within the next three months.  She had promised her five-year old son that she would do anything to stay alive as long as possible.  The film shows excerpts from the life of Joanna, her husband Piotr and her son Janek.

It is based on discrete observations, making it atmospheric but not wordy. 

- I was very fortunate to spend many months with people who are sensitive, beautiful and full of life. In my film, I tried to show a special time for them, as well as the emotions that I felt from the first meeting with Joanna and her family. This is a film about the simplest and at the same time the most important things. - says Aneta Kopacz.

The author of cinematography for the film, is award-winning Łukasz Żal - the winner of the Golden Frog for Best Cinematography for the movie "Paparazzi".  The score is composed by Jan A.  P.  Kaczmarek, who received an Academy Award® for his music for the movie "Finding Neverland". 

"Joanna" is also Poland's first crowd-funded documentary film, produced with the support of patrons of the arts through the website wspieramkulture. pl. The film was produced by Wajda Studio, co-produced by the National Audiovisual Institute, and its sponsor is Codemedia.

On 8 May, Publishing House Znak released the book "Chustka" - based on the content of the blog by Joanna Sałyga.

Screenings of "Joanna":

PREMIÈRE 16 May, 20. 00, KINOTEKA, room 7

17 May, 21. 30, KINOTEKA, room 7

18 May, 18. 00, KINOTEKA, room 7

The film's press kit is available here.

Special Screenings

During the 10th Planete+ Doc Film Festival, two movies produced in Wajda Studio will have their special screenings.

"Losing Sonia?” (a co-production with film Otter ) directed by Radka Franczak, tells the story of an unusual woman trying to rebuild the old values ​​lost during the social and political transformations of the last hundred years in Russia. "My House Without Me" (a co-production with Pomerania Film and Vezfilm) is an experimental picture by Magdalena Szymków combining archival and contemporary footage.

Both films have been screened and awarded at many festivals in Poland and abroad. 

The films will be shown in one session on:

10 May, 14:30, Kinoteka, room 3

19 May, 19:00, Kinoteka, room 5

Wajda School is partner of masterclasses within the Planete+ Doc Academy

On 14 May at 17. 00 in the capital's Kinoteka cinema there will be a master class with the well-known Russian director Sergei Loznitsa, the creator of award-winning documentaries and feature films. The masterclass will be entitled "Authenticity and the Phenomenon of Cinema".  The lecture will be conducted by Michał Chaciński - artistic director of the Gdynia Film Festival, journalist of TVP Kultura. 

Also on the 14 May, at 20. 00 in Kinoteka, there will be the second master class of a well-known documentary film-maker, visual artist and photographer - Peter Mettler.  Mettler's latest film "The End of Time", in which the author takes viewers on a thrilling journey through time and space, will take part in the main competition for the Millennium prize and the Canon Cinematography Award for the best director of cinematography.  The events are held as part of the Planete+ Doc Academy.

Wajda School is a partner of both masterclasses.